quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2011

FUGEES - Hip-hop "dubest".

Eu que nem sou grande apreciador de hip-hop, tenho que reconhecer que este é um dos poucos projectos nesta área musical, com muita qualidade.
Musica agradável e letras interventivas muito boas.

«Fugees é um grupo de hip hop de New Jersey aclamado pela crítica que chegou à fama em meados dos anos 90. Seu repertório inclui elementos de soul, música caribenha (marcante em Wyclef Jean) e reggae. Seus integrantes são o rapper/cantor/produtor Wyclef Jean, a rapper/cantora Lauryn Hill e o rapper Pras.

O nome do grupo deriva do termo “refugees”, já que Wyclef e Pras são haitianos, enquanto Lauryn é de South Orange, NJ, apesar de ser descendente de haitianos também.»

Ready Or Not


Greatest Hits _2003

1. Vocab (Refugees Hip Hop Remix)
2. Nappy Heads (Remix Radio Edit)
3. Fu-Gee-La (Sly & Robbie Mix)
4. How Many Mics (Album Version)
5. Killing Me Softly With His Song (Album Version)
6. No Woman, No Cry (L.P. Version)
7. Cowboys (L.P. Version)
8. The Score (Album Version)
9. The Sweetest Thing (Mahogany Mix) Refugee Camp All-Stars feat. Lauryn Hill
10. Ready Or Not (Salaam's Ready For The Show Remix)


The Score_1996

1. Red Intro
2. How Many Mics
3. Ready Or Not
4. Zealots
5. The Beast
6. Fu-Gee-La
7. Family Business
8. Killing Me Softly
9. The Score
10. The Mask
11. Cowboys
12. No Woman, No Cry
13. Manifest/Outro
14. Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Remix)
15. Fu-Gee-La (Sly & Robbie Mix)
16. Mista Mista
17. Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Global Mix)


Refugee Camp (Bootleg Versions)_1996

1. Ready Or Not (Clark Kent/Django Remix)
2. Nappy Heads (Mad Spider Mix)
3. Don't Cry Dry Your Eyes (Album Version)
4. Vocab (Salaam's Remix)
5. Ready Or Not (Salaam's Ready For The Show Remix)
6. Killing Me Softly With His Song (Live at The Brixton Academy)
7. No Woman, No Cry (Remix W/Steve Marley)
8. Vocab (Refugees Hip Hop Remix)


Fu-Gee-La (CD Single)_1995

Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (Album Version)
Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Remix)
Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Remix Instrumental)
Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (Album Version Acapella)
Fugees - How Many Mics
Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (North Side Mix)
Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (Sly & Robbie Mix)
Fugees - How Many Mics (Acapella)


Blunted on Reality_1994

1. Introduction
2. Nappy Heads
3. Blunted Interlude
4. Recharge
5. Freestyle Interlude
6. Vocab
7. Special News Bulletin
8. Boof Baf
9. Temple
10. How Hard Is It
11. Harlem Chit Chat Interlude
12. Some Seek Stardom
13. Giggles
14. Da Kid From Haiti Interlude
15. Rufugees On The Mic
16. Living Like There Ain't No Tomorrow
17. Shouts Out From The Block


Killing me softly

terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2011

TOM WAITS - A voz mais "alcoólica" e no entanto "deliciosa", de todos os tempos.

(Mas como é que eu ainda não tinha feito este post?!)

«Tom Waits nasceu em Pomona, Califórnia a 7 de dezembro de 1949. Seu pai era descendente de irlandeses e escoceses e sua mãe de noruegueses. Aprendeu a tocar guitarra e piano aos dez anos de idade. Lançou o seu primeiro album Closing Time em 1973 e começou por fazer a primeira parte de shows de Frank Zappa e John Hammond.

É casado com Kathleen Brennan, co-letrista de parte do seu trabalho musical, e mãe de seus três filhos.

A música de Tom Waits não está presa a um gênero musical determinado. Pode-se facilmente encontrar em seus álbuns Rock, Jazz, Folk, Blues, dentre outros tantos gêneros e estilos musicais.

Descrito como um dos últimos beatniks da música, facilmente pode-se separar a carreira do artista em dois momentos. Nos anos entre 73-83 lançou nove álbuns para a gravadora Asylum, suas canções passeam mais pelo jazz nesta época. Mesmo não chegando a um grande sucesso, ganhou notória fama cult. A partir de 1983 ele assinou com a Island Records e mudou para uma fase mais experimental, com uma nova orquestração, começando pelo disco Swordfishtrombones. Foi nessa época também que sua mulher Kathleen, começou a parceria direta com sua música.»

Chocolate Jesus


Tom Waits - Glitter And Doom Tour (Live In Tulsa, 25.06.2008) [REMASTER]

01 - Lucinda & Ain't Going Down To The Well
02 - Way Down In The Hole
03 - Falling Down
04 - All The World Is Green
05 - November
06 - Raindogs & Russian Dance
07 - Fannin Street
08 - Trampled Rose
09 - Black Market Baby
10 - Anywhere I Lay My Head
11 - Lie To Me
12 - Tom Talking I
13 - Invitation To The Blues

01 - Lucky Day
02 - Tom Talking II
03 - Innocent When You Dream
04 - Hoist That Rag
05 - Get Behind The Mule
06 - Jesus Gonna Be Here
07 - Goin Out West
08 - Shore Leave
09 - Cemetary Polka
10 - Come On Up To The House
11 - Make It Rain
12 - Eyeball Kid
13 - Time


Real Gone_2004

1. Top Of The Hill
2. Hoist That Rag
3. Sins Of My Father
4. Shake It
5. Don't Go Into That Barn
6. How's It Gonna End
7. Metropolitan Glide
8. Dead And Lovely
9. Circus
10.Trampled Rose
11.Green Grass
12.Baby Gonna Leave Me
13.Clang Boom Steam
14.Make It Rain
15.Day After Tomorrow



1. Alice
2. Everything you can think
3. Flower's Grave
4. No one knows I'm gone
5. Kommienezuspadt
6. Poor Edward
7. Table Top Joe
8. Lost in the Harbour
9. We're All Mad Here
10.Watch Her Disappear
12.I'm Still Here
13.Fish & Bird


Blood Money_2002

1. Misery is the river of the wor
2. Everything goes to hell
3. Coney island baby
4. All the world is green
5. God's away on business
6. Another man's vine
7. Knife chase
8. Lullaby
9. Starving in the belly of a wha
10.The part you throw away
13.A good man is hard to find


Used Songs_2001

1. Heartattack And Vine
2. Eggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac With Susan Michelson)
3. A Sight For Sore Eyes
4. Whistlin' Past The Graveyard
5. Burma Shave
6. Step Right Up
7. Ol' '55
8. I Never Talk To Strangers
9. Mr. Siegal
10.Jersey Girl
11.Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
12.Blue Valentines
13.(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night
15.Wrong Side Of The Road
16.Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets To The Wind In Copenhagen)


The Dime Store Novels (Vol.1)_2001

1. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You
2. San Diego Serenade
3. Good Night Loving Trail
4. Diamonds On My Windshield
5. Ice Cream Man
6. Please Call Me Baby
7. Better Off Without A Wife
8. The Ghost Of Saturday Night
9. Big Joe & Phantom 309
11.On A Foggy Night
12.Telerama Interview


Mule Variations_1999

1. Big In Japan
2. Lowside of the Road
3. Hold On
4. Get Behind the Mule
5. House Where Nobody Lives
6. Cold Water
7. Pony
8. What's He Building?
9. Black Market Baby
10.Eyeball Kid
11.Picture in a Frame
12.Chocolate Jesus
13.Georgia Lee
14.Filipino Box Spring Hog
15.Take it with Me
16.Come on up to the House


Beautiful Maladies_1998

1. Hang on St. Cristopher
2. Temptation
3. Clap hands
4. The black rider
5. Underground
6. Jockey full of bourbon
7. Earth died screaming
8. Innocent when you dream (78)
9. Straight to the top
10.Frank's wild years
12.Shore leave
13.Johnsburg , Illinois
14.Way down in the hole
15.Strange weather (live)
16.Cold , cold ground (live)
18.Downtown train
19.16 shells from a thirty-ought six
20.Jesus gonna be here
21.Good old world (waltz)
22.I don't wanna grow up


The Early Years (vol.2)_1993

1. Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You
2. Ol' 55
3. Mockin' Bird
4. In Between Love
5. Blue Skies
6. Nobody
7. I Want You
8. Shiver Me Timbers
9. Grapefruit Moon
10.Diamonds On My Windshield
11.Please Call Me, Baby
12.So It Goes
13.Old Shoes


The black rider_1993

1. Lucky Day Overture
2. The Black Rider
3. November
4. Just The Right Bullets
5. Black Box Theme
6. T'ain't No Sin
7. Flash Pan Hunter (intro)
8. That's The Way
9. The Briar And The Rose
10.Russian Dance
11.Gospel Train (orchestra)
12.I'll Shoot The Moon
13.Flash Pan Hunter
15.Gospel Train
17.Oily Night
18.Lucky Day
19.The Last Rose Of Summer


Bone Machine_1992

1. Earth Died Screaming
2. Dirt in the Ground
3. Such a Scream
4. All Stripped Down
5. Who Are You
6. The Ocean Doesn't Want Me
7. Jesus Gonna Be Here
8. Little Rain (For Clyde)
9. In the Collosseum
10.Goin' Out West
11.Murder in the Red Barn
12.Black Wings
13.Whistle Down the Wind (For Tom Jans)
14.I Don't Wanna Grow Up
15.Let Me Get


Night On Earth (Original Soundtrack Recording)_1991

1. Back in The Good Old World
2. Los Angeles Mood
3. Los Angeles Theme
4. Los Angeles Theme
5. New York Mood
6. Baby I'm Not A Baby Anymore
7. Good Old World (Waltz)
8. Carnival
9. On The Other Side Of The World
10.Good Old World (Gypsy Instrumental)
11.Paris Mood
12.Dragging A Dead Priest
13.Helsinki Mood
14.Carnival Bob's Confession
15.Good Old World (Waltz)
16.On The Other Side Of The World (Instrumental)


The Early Years (vol.1)_1991

1. Goin' Down Slow
2. Poncho's Lament
3. I'm Your Late Night Evening Prostitute
4. Had Me a Girl
5. Ice Cream Man
6. Rockin' Chair
7. Virginia Avenue
8. Midnight Lullaby
9. When You Ain't Got Nobody
10.Little Trip to Heaven (On the Wings of
11.Frank's Song
12.Looks Like I'm up Shit Creek Again
13.So Long I'll See Ya


Big Time_1988

1. 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six
2. Red Shoes
3. Underground
4. Cold Cold Ground
5. Straight To The Top
6. Yesterday Is Here
7. Way Down The Hole
8. Falling Down
9. Strange Weather
10.Big Black Mariah
11.Rain Dogs
12.Train Song
13.Johnsburg, Illinois
14.Ruby's Arms
15.Telephone Call From Istanbul
16.Clap Hands
17.Gun Street Gir


Franks Wild Years_1987

1. Blow Wind Blow
2. Cold Cold Ground
3. Frank's Theme
4. Hang on St. Christopher
5. I'll Be Gone
6. I'll Take New York
7. Innocent When You Dream (78)
8. Innocent When You Dream (Barroom)
9. More Than Rain
10.Please Wake Me Up
11.Straight to the Top (Vegas)
12.Straight to the Top
13.Telephone Call from Istanbul
15.Train Song
16.Way Down in the Hole
17.Yesterday Is Here


The Asylum Years_1986

1. Diamonds on My Windshield
2. Heart of Saturday Night
3. Martha
4. The Ghosts of Saturday Night
5. Grapefruit Moon
6. Small Change
7. Burma Shave
8. I Never Talk to Strangers
9. Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets to the...
10.Blue Valentines
11.Potter's Field
12.Kentucky Avenue
13.Somewhere (from West Side Story)
14.Ruby's Arms


Rain Dogs_1985

1. Singapore
2. Clap Hands
3. Cemetery Polka
4. Jockey Full Of Bourbon
5. Tango Till They're Sore
6. Big Black Mariah
7. Diamonds & Gold
8. Hang Down Your Head
9. Time
10.Rain Dogs
11.Midtown (Instrumental)
12.9th & Hennepin
13.Gun Street Girl
14.Union Square
15.Blind Love
16.Walking Spanish
17.Downtown Train
18.Bridge Of Rain Dog (Instrumental)
19.Anywhere I Lay My Head



1. Underground
2. Shore Leave
3. Dave The Butcher
4. Johnsburg, Illinois
5. Shells From A 30.6
6. Town With No Cheer
7. In The Neighborhood
8. Just Another Sucker On The Vine
9. Frank's Wild Years
11.Down, Down, Down
12.Soldier's Things
13.Gin Soaked Boy
14.Trouble's Braids


One for the Heart_1982

1. Tom's Piano Intro/Once Upon A Time
2. Is There Any Way Out Of This Dream?
3. Picking Up After You
4. Old Boyfriends
5. Broken Bicycles
6. I Beg Your Pardon
7. Little Boy Blue
8. Instrumental Montage: The Tango/Circus Girl
9. You Can't Unring A Bell
10.This One's From The Heart
11.Take Me Home


Bounced Checks (vinyl)_1981

1. Heartattack and vine
2. Jersey girl
3. Eggs and sausage
4. I never talk to strangers
5. The piano has been drinking
6. Whistlin' past the graveyard
7. Mr. Henry
8. Diamonds on my windshield
9. Burma-shave
10.Tom Traubert's blues


Heartattack and vine_1980

1.Hearattack and vine
2.In shades
3.Saving all my love for you
5.Jersey girl
6.'Til the money runs out
7.On the nickel
8.Mr Siegal
9.Ruby's arms


Blue Valentine_1978

1. Somewhere (From West Side Story)
2. Red Shoes by the Drugstore
3. Christmas Card from a Hooker in...
4. Romeo Is Bleeding
5. Twenty-Nine Dollars
6. Wrong Side of the Road
7. Whistlin' Past the Graveyard
8. Kentucky Avenue
9. A Little Bullet from a Pretty Blue Gun
10.Blue Valentines


Foreign Affairs_1977

1.Cinny's Waltz
3.I Never Talk To Strangers
4.Medley: Jack & Neal / Califo..
5.A Sight For Sore Eyes
6.Potter's Field
8.Barber Shop
9.Foreign Affair


Small Change_1976

1. Tom Traubert's Blues (Four Sheets to the...
2. Step Right Up
3. Jitterbug Boy
4. I Wish I Was in New Orleans
5. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)
6. Invitation to the Blues
7. Pasties and a G-String
8. Bad Liver and a Broken Heart
9. The One That Got Away
10.Small Change
11.I Can't Wait to Get off Work


Nighthawks at the Dinner_1975

1. Emotional Weather Report
2. On a Foggy Night
3. Eggs and Sausage (In a Cadillac with Susan)
4. Better off Without a Wife
5. Nighthawk Postcards
6. Warm Beer and Cold Women
7. Putnam County
8. Spare Parts I
9. Nobody
10.The Ballad of Big Joe and Phantom
11.Spare Parts II (And Closing)


The Heart of Saturady Night_1974

1. New Coat of Paint
2. San Diego Serenade
3. Semi Suite3
4. Shiver Me timbers
5. Diamonds on my Windshield
6. The Heart of Saturday Night
7. Fumblin' with the Blues
8. Please Call Me, Baby
9. Depot Depot
10.Drunk On the Moon
11.The Ghosts of Saturady Night


Closing Time_1973

1. Ol' '55
2. I hope that i don't fall in love with you
3. Verginia Avenue
4. Old shoes (&picture postcards)
5. Midnight Lullaby
6. Martha
7. Rosie
8. Lonely
9. Ice cream man
10.Little trip to heaven (on the wings of our love)
11.Grapefruit moon
12.Closing time



Live in Akron Ohio


Take Me Home

4 NONE BLONDS - Pena que só fizeram este álbum.

Uma voz poderosa!... Assim com as letras.
(Foi ao ouvir rádio hoje, a caminho do trabalho, que me recordaram deste álbum excelente.)

«4 Non Blondes é uma banda pop, norte-americana, formada em 1989 em San Francisco, com Linda Perry (vocal), Roger Rocha (guitarra), Christa Hillhouse (baixo), Dawn Richardson (bateria).

Elas achavam que o fato de não serem loiras era algo peculiar, assim nomearam-se as quatro não-loiras (4 non blondes).

Seu álbum único, Bigger, Better, Faster, More!, de (1992) recebeu o prémio de melhor álbum, e vendeu cerca de seis mihões de cópias a nível mundial. Os singles “What’s Up” (1993), um dos maiores hits da década de 1990, recebeu o prémio da melhor música de Bay Area, e Linda Perry foi eleita como a melhor vocalista.

O sucesso da banda levou Perry a deixar o grupo, considerando-o muito pop. Seguiu a sua carreira a solo, e lançou dois álbuns: In Flight (1995) e After Hours (1998). Como produtora, Perry trabalhou em músicas de Pink, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Courtney love e outros.

Roger Rocha trabalhou com os Dolorosa, em 1995, e juntou-se à banda Mockingbirds, em 1997.»

What's Up

Bigger, Better, Faster, More!_1992

01 - Train
02 - Superfly
03 - What's Up
04 - Plesantly Blue
05 - Morphine & Chocolate
06 - Spaceman
07 - Old Mr. Heffer
08 - Calling All The People
09 - Dear Mr. President
10 - Drifting
11 - No Place Like Home


What's UP [Acústico]