terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011

ITHAKA (Darin Pappas) - Canadiano, filho de emigrantes Portugueses, hip-hoper, escultor, escritor, fotógrafo e surfista.

Há já muito tempo que eu tenho vontade de incluir este senhor neste BLOG, mas infelizmente não consigo localizar nenhum disco para download, nem tampouco uma biografia na língua de Camões.
Sendo assim, aqui vai o meu melhor (Recomendo especial atenção às letras):

«Ithaka is the professional name of hip hop artist, sculptor, artistic photographer, writer and Surfer, Darin Pappas (or Pappagiannis).

Ithaka was born and raised in Southern California, but later established himself in Japan, Greece, Portugal and Brazil (where the artist currently resides).

In Lisbon he recorded his first two hip hop albums, Flowers and the Color of Paint and Stellafly. His song, "Escape From The City Of Angels" appeared on the soundtrack for Columbia Pictures' feature release, The Replacement Killers. Under the name Korvowrong, Ithaka was also the lyricist/vocalist on the track "So Get Up" by Underground Sound Of Lisbon.

Ithaka later returned to California where he recorded his third album called Somewhere South Of Somalia with producer Conley Abrams III. The lyrics from this album were written on a two month journey into east Africa. Later Ithaka relocated his base to Rio de Janeiro where he recorded his two most recent albums, Recorded In Rio and Saltwater Nomad. In 2007, he briefly returned to Portugal to record with former Underground Sound of Lisbon member DJ Vibe, providing vocals and lyrics for the track "You".

In addition to creating music, his short story series entitled, Fishdaddy Chronicles, has appeared in surfing magazines around the world including Surfer, The Surfer's Journal, Water and Transworld Surf". In 2009, his short story "Miracle At Malibu" was published in the book entitled Surf Story, a collective volume of stories and surf culture compiled by Robb Havassy.

His abstract photographic art and body of sculpture work known as The Reincarnation Of A Surfboard have been exhibited globally, his most recent solo showings were hosted by Gallery WOA (Way Of Arts) in Lisbon, Portugal in November 2007, The Camp in Costa Mesa, California in June 2010 and Gallery Alma Do Mar in São Paulo, Brazil in October 2010.

At present the artist creates most of his works at Recanto Akahti, his small ranch in rural South America located on the edge of the Atlantic Rainforest in AkahtiLândia, Brazil.»

ITHAKA - Stellafly ..............(spoken-word story-song, 1997)

ITHAKA - Seabra Is Mad

ITHAKA - Alabama Cave Party(featuring Ace)


PARTE 1: ÍTHAKA (no programa, O Mundo Ao Contrário) 2009

PART 2: ÍTHAKA (no programa, O Mundo Ao Contrário) 2009

PARTE 3: ÍTHAKA (no programa, O Mundo Ao Contrário) 2009

quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2011

CLÃ - O Disco Voador dos Clã "aterrou" no Muzica Putz.

Este post serve de complemento ao post dedicado aos Clã que eu tinha feito no mês 04 de 2008(É só procurar através do motor de busca do BLOG).

Disco Voador_2011

01. Amigo do peito
02. Paf e puf
03. Os embeiçados
04. Impaciente
05. Asas delta
06. Chocolatando
07. O meu a meu dono
08. Cantiga de embalar a minha mãe
09. Loja do mestre hermeto
10. Curta metragem
11. Velho bebe
12. Infra herói
13. Arco-iris
14. Os que pairam


"Embeiçados" -No Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde